The National House of Chiefs

The National House of Chiefs

The National House of Chiefs collaborates on the Project to codify lines of Succession

The National House of Chiefs at its General Meeting on Friday 6th July, 2018 invited the Executives of the Ghana State Book Project to present to the house about the project’s operation and to subsequently discuss about effective collaboration with the House.

During the presentation Mr. Isaac Bright Botchway, the Project Coordinator told the house that the Board of the project looks forward for close collaboration with the House. He stressed that the National House stand to benefits from the collaboration since the project’s activities is partly chieftaincy related.

According to Mr. Botchway, the project intends to build a history reference library at the House where copies of the States would be furnished, establish e-system store visual and audio recordings of their field work for reference, collaborate to establish line of succession for various royal families, which falls within the mandate of the House and many more. In response Nana Ogyeahour Yaw Gyebi II, the Omanhene of Sefwi Anhweaso and the President of the Western Regional House of Chiefs testified his encounter with the project and mentioned that he had witness several activities of the project, including the recently launched Hwidiem State Book of which he was called to chair the occasion.

The President of the House who also doubles as the Agbogbomefia of Asogli State, Togbe Afede XIV called upon the house to support the Project and to work in close collaboration to achieve success. After a period of deliberation at the house it was concluded that the project that the House shall have close collaboration with the Project Board to work together. Togbe the President of the House assured the Project Board of his willingness to help secure the necessary support to fund the project. There were several institutions that were present to meet the house; among them include the Gender Ministry, National Petroleum Authority (GPA), United Nations Children Fund (UNECIF), etc.