Diaspora forum

The Ghana State Book Diaspora

The Ghana State Book Diaspora Forum has four main reasons as stated below;

The Ghana State Book Project intends to create a platform in order to encourage participation of Ghanaians living abroad in the documentation of histories about all the traditional areas in Ghana. Most Ghanaians living abroad are custodians of histories for their royal families in Ghana.

As part of the exercise to document traditional histories, Ghana State Book Project has taken into consideration a need to capture chronology (Family Tree) of every royal family, in all the Traditional Areas in Ghana. In most cases, the creation of Family Tree encounters difficulty of including descendants of royals who reside abroad, especially those that have stayed there for a long period. In other words, the children and grandchildren of those living abroad are left out of the Family Tree.

Most often, the children of those living abroad are not known by their respective royal families in Ghana. Failure to capture the descendants of the royals living abroad could bring huge chieftaincy agitations in Ghana in the near future. In some cases the children of those living abroad are seen as strangers to their external royal families in Ghana. Some are not known at all.

Through this Diaspora programme proper network will be created to ensure productive collaboration between Ghana State Book Project and the various Ghanaian Associations abroad. As a result, there would be a unique platform with effective communication and networking that could help link the historical ties between those residing abroad and their respective royal families in Ghana. This would also enable the inclusion of those residing abroad and their descendants in the royal chronology (family tree) of their respective royal families in Ghana.

To begin a process of organizing periodic Culture and Tourism Forum abroad targeting both Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians. This will provide a platform to educate Ghanaians living abroad to be conversant with their histories and tradition.

This also serve as opportunity for the various Ghanaian Unions and Associations including individual to support and contribution towards the execution of this tremendous project for the benefit of building conflicts free environments through protecting Ghanaian histories and Heritage.