In 2012 the project Board called upon the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration for a collaboration to help include Ghanaians in the Diaspora in the documentation of histories and cultural practices of all the traditional states in Ghana. This became paramount since authenticity of the information gathered cannot be said to be entirely authentic when section of Ghanaians (Ghanaians living abroad) are left out. The programme is also to link Ghanaians in the Diaspora to their root for socio-economic development. Read more

  • Diaspora engagement

    Ghana State Book-Diaspora Forum

    The Ghana State Book Diaspora Forum began in 2017 in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to meet Ghanaian communities worldwide to educate them about Ghana State Book Project

  • Diaspora engagement

    Diaspora State Books

    Through the exercise of the Ghana State Book-Diaspora Forum a need was felt to educate Ghanaian child abroad about the Heritage of Ghana hence the Ghana Heritage Book for the Diaspora