UNESCO Country Director

UNESCO Country Director: Ghana State Book Project is a key for achieving SDGs

Speaking as a special guest of honour at the Offinso State Book launch H.E Santos, the Country Director of United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) stressed that it is about time the indigenes write their own histories to establish reliable source for authentic histories and cultural practices. He commended the earlier researchers and the good work they did in trying to document the history of the people and further indicated that their efforts were hindered by many challenges including language barriers and lack of trust by the traditional authorities at the time.

His Excellency Mr. Tirso Dos Santos also indicated that the Ghana State Book Project is a unique opportunity through which the indigenes write their own histories. He stressed that most of the written histories was documented by foreigners, and they encountered various obstacles and as a result could not serve as authentic source for addressing history, cultural and chieftaincy related dispute. It is therefore very important to support the Ghana State Book Project to help document the histories and cultural practices of the various traditional states across all the regions in Ghana; he stressed.