Life Patron of the Project

Togbe Afede XIV.President of National House of Chiefs

The National House of chiefs as part of its mandate started documentation of line of succession of the various royal families for legal instrument (LI) to be passed. This programme was to cover all the traditional areas aim at reducing existing chieftaincy conflict and to prevent future chieftaincy related disputes. During my reign as President of the House I want to move fast on this programme to ensure that most of the Traditional areas are covered.

The work of Ghana State Book Project is in line of the National Houses’s programme and seeks to further cover and authenticate oral histories that are of important to support the documentation of the line of succession.

I am in support of the collaboration of the house with the Project to ensure that we work together to achieve this important exercise for mother Ghana.

The National House of chiefs and myself shall provide the necessary support to ensure that the Ghana State Book Project shall move fast to help document line of succession of the various stools and royal families in all the traditional areas in Ghana.

Togbe Afede XIV
Togbe Afede XIV