The Ghana High Commissioner to Canada:

H.E Dr. Aryikoi Otoo

H.E Dr. Aryikoi Otoo, the Ghana High Commissioner to Canada: We need to develop pride in our Ghanaians whether at home or abroad

The Ghana State Book Project has once again produced a book titled “the Ghana Heritage Book for the Diaspora” which was launched in Ottawa on 9th August, 2018 and Toronto on 13th August, 2018. The objective behind the publication of the book is to educate the Ghanaian child abroad about Ghana Histories and cultural practices. This is to help Ghanaians in the Diaspora to appreciate, embrace and protect the heritage of Ghana.

Speaking at the Occasion, H.E. Dr. Ayikoi Otoo, the Ghana High Commissioner to Canada stated that it is an indisputable fact that many first generation Diasporans were born, grew up and were educated in Ghana and therefore we can assume that they are conversant with the traditions and cultural practices of Ghana. Surely the 2nd and 3rd Generation Diasporans who mare not sent home by their parents frequently or at all actually need such knowledge. Those born ,bred and educated here and therefore have a different world view are still Ghanaians, since by our Constitution, a person can claim nationality where one of his parents or grandparents is a Ghanaian Unfortunately the mainstream media in the West don’t show much of positive stories about Africa. Only hunger, outbreak of diseases, poverty, conflicts, corruption, wildlife, swish houses and general infrastructural deficit are the order of the day.

His Excellency admitted that with such media reportage, those 2nd and 3rd generation Diasporans don’t even want to go to Africa or to learn about their country or at all. According to His Excellency Ayikoi Otto the young people have lost their language and culture. Parents speak the Ghanaian languages to their children but they choose to answer them back in English or French. The food, clothing, dances, rites of passage such as customary marriages, weddings, birth and naming ceremonies puberty rites, widowhood rites and mourning for the dead are all lost on them.

We need to develop pride in our Ghanaians whether at home or abroad; he added.